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Brian PopeChoosing to focus your financial practice on client’s needs during and after the divorce process is not something you simply dream up one day. Why would anyone wish to be a part of such an emotional and volatile times in someone’s life? Sometimes, your career path chooses you.

In 2008, our founder, Brian Pope, MBA, CDFA started in the financial industry as a debt counselor dedicated to helping clients emerge from credit card and student loan debt and avoid bankruptcy. During this time, he noticed a trend. During the same week, three separate women called his office in tears. They all had the same exact story. Each was recently divorced, did not have a beneficial settlement and were deeply in debt. Furthermore, they were never taught the personal finance skills to run a household.

Certainly, there had to be a way to help during and in the aftermath of the divorce process to avoid these dire circumstances? This led to our focus on divorce and helping to find solutions to help our clients survive and thrive.

Brian has been one of the leaders in the Sarasota and Bradenton communities in bringing collaborative divorce to the area. As a recent member of the board of directors for “Next Generation Divorce”, he has helped educate family law attorneys, fellow financial professionals and facilitators on the benefits of the collaborative divorce path verses traditional litigation.

Brian is also active in the community as a board member for Samaritan Counseling, a member of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals (IACP),  the Florida Court Professional Collaborative (FCPC) and the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA).

Let Brian and the team at Divorce Financial Solutions of Sarasota serve you during and / or after your divorce is finalized.

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