Collaborative Divorce

Couples facing divorce may want to explore a relatively new option for legally ending a marriage; it’s called collaborative divorce. The approach emphasizes cooperation and problem solving.  As an alternative to traditional litigation, collaborative divorce was designed to minimize battles over property division, sky-high legal bills and emotional anguish of the divorce process.  Although the words “peaceful” and “divorce” do not go hand and hand, having the professionals working together on a team with the re-assurance that the courts will not be involved leads to cooperation instead of division.

Here’s How It Works

Divorcing couples agree in writing to forgo the courts and work together on developing a fair settlement.  Yes, this is a courtless divorce option.   In collaborative divorce, each spouse is assisted by an attorney who pledges to stay out of court. Settling your divorce in court can be very costly and destructive to your financial future. You give up all control of the process and your future to a judge. Why risk your future in a courtroom when you and your spouse can be empowered to make your own decisions?

Our Role

Divorce Financial Solutions of Sarasota serves as the neutral divorce financial analyst on the collaborative divorce team. We help the couple clarify the long-term effects of the division and work out the nitty-gritty of the monetary settlement. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA™) we will assess your unique situation and provide guidance to design the best settlement for both parties.  This includes equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, projecting tax implications and spousal support.

Our Difference

Our principle, Brian Pope, MBA, CDFA™ is a leader in the collaborative divorce community in Bradenton, Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch. By completing a comprehensive basic and advanced collaborative divorce training, we are certified in this field. We have served as the financial neutral on many successful collaborative divorces and will play a key role as the financial neutral on your team.  We are proud members of Next Generation Divorce.  To learn more about collaborative divorce or to find a family law attorney specializing in collaborative divorce, go to

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